Gift Card Promo

Hello fellow social distancers! In an attempt to move some revenue into our shut-down period, we will be making some exciting promotional offers to our customers! MARCH OFFER: We will ship our Regulation Ultimate Disc to you free ($25 value) with the purchase of $100 in Delta Diner gift cards […] Read more »

We are Temporarily Closed due to The COVID-19 Outbreak

Unfortunately, COVID-19 strikes directly at who we are as a business.  We are not just about food or a meal, but instead a food experience that is shared with others in the booth or at the counter, with staff and customers together in close proximity.  It is an interactive community […] Read more »

The Health and Well-Being of our Community is Paramount

The Delta Diner takes pride in our reputation for cleanliness and providing an extremely sanitary DINER experience. We also take pride in our position as a socially engaged community leader. With the current and potential impacts of the Coronavirus, we are taking even more aggressive steps to protect the health […] Read more »