Unique Ownership Model Reflective of Delta Diner Culture

I am very often asked about the many unique aspect of the Delta Diner.  Why Delta?  Really, you restored an East Coast Diner and shipped it here?  Where do you come up with the unique flavor combinations?  How do you find the staff you have?  And, often first timers will […] Read more »

Recycled Fry Pans

Used properly, burnt out Fry Pans make great shooting targets.   I only know this because most of our recycled fry pans have met that fate over the first ten years we were in business.  A couple local shooters have collected them and used them as targets.  Didn’t even occur to me […] Read more »

Three Letters … KTM

My first entry into the DINER Blogosphere is submitted not as a reflection of a recent memorable event, but rather as a spirit of anticipation for new experiences to come.  And, for the next six or more months (and hopefully many years after that) the anticipation is spelled with those three […] Read more »