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Seasonal Employment Contracts Now Available at the Delta Diner

Check out our Seasonal Employment Contracts for the Summer! We are currently offering 12 and 20 week Seasonal Contracts beginning in June. We have 6 different contracts available ranging in value from $3,600 to $12,000 based on total contract compensation. We provide a set work schedule which is defined in advance for the duration of the contract to allow you to balance life and work. All positions will make $15/hr based on our wage/bonus structure. Please contact Mary Martinsen at with any questions or fill out our application online at

The Diner will be closed this Saturday, September 15th.

The Delta Diner will be closed Saturday, September 15th so that staff can attend the wedding of our very own Mary Heikkila.  We are open normal hours this week on Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sun and Monday.  Join us in congratulating Mary and our good friend Jack!!

Hours for September and October Announced

For September and October the Delta Diner will be open Wednesday – Sunday 8am-4pm, Burger Monday’s starting at 11am, and Fish Fry on Friday’s From 4-7pm.  We are closed on Tuesdays.  😀

New Day Shelter goes “Woodstock or Bust” to raise Funds

The Delta Diner Staff Charitable fund is helping by paying for the food associated with the event. And in the process is taking some liberty rewriting food history. 

May 3, 2018
 Food of Love: Revisited
By: Tyler Kircher and Mary Heikkila
“Three days of Peace and Music” was the purpose of the entertaining and star-studded music fest held in the 600-acre field in Bethel, New York. Nearly 500,000 passionate people made the trip to Bethel surrounding it with 8 miles of traffic. This was quite a change since the original planning had no more than 200,000 attendees. There were limited bathroom facilities as well as limited food options for the half a million music lovers. What food did they have? Where did it all go wrong?
Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs was originally in line to provide the food, but they backed out when the location was moved due to the need for more space. A company named Food for Love was hired to feed the hungry crowd, but lines grew fast and the rate for hotdogs also grew from $.25 to $1.00 resulting in angry people who began to push back on the overwhelmed food vendors. One can surely imagine quotes like, “I’d have been happy with some grilled chicken and veggies”, or “Something as simple as Macaroni and Cheese would have been a huge hit”. We don’t know, but suspect, famous Deltoid Billy Meyer might have taken in the event and likely expressed kind and loving frustration that, “I would’ve given anything for a small bowl of Cajun Red Beans and Rice”!!
On May 5th 2018 the Delta Diner hopes to re-write the mayhem involving food experienced by those attending the original Woodstock. The New Day Shelter Fundraiser is the ideal event for people who yearn to relive the feelings of generosity and community once shared in 1969 … only with revisionist food to compliment all other aspects of this historic event.