The Health and Well-Being of our Community is Paramount

The Delta Diner takes pride in our reputation for cleanliness and providing an extremely sanitary DINER experience. We also take pride in our position as a socially engaged community leader. With the current and potential impacts of the Coronavirus, we are taking even more aggressive steps to protect the health of our customers, staff and community. All steps are meant to reduce the possibility of cross-infection.

 We have removed all single use items from our tables (creamers, jellies, butters, etc.) and will
instead will bring each table exactly what they need.

 All multi-use items such as syrups, salt/pepper grinders, hot sauces and condiments will not just
be cleaned, but thoroughly sanitized between each new seating.

 We have implemented a systematic process for cleaning and sanitizing all surface areas that our
customers and staff may come in contact with on a continuous basis throughout the day.

 All employees of the Delta Diner are committed hand washers but we have reinforced
communication with our staff with regard to the significance of properly doing so.

 Any employee that is sick will remain home. Any employee with Coronavirus symptoms will be
required to be tested before returning to work. Any employee that needs to apply self-
quarantine and cannot work will be given financial assistance to help them through their illness.

 We have adjusted our To-Go order policy to better facilitate this option for customers who are
more comfortable enjoying a Diner meal at home. Please don’t hesitate to ask.

These steps are only part of what is necessary to be effective. We ask our customers who do not feel
well, who have traveled to highly infected areas recently, or those who may or have come in contact
with anyone exhibiting symptoms to remain home and take the prescribed steps as directed by the
WHO, CDC, State and local health organizations.

The Delta Diner will remain open for business, providing economic support to our community through jobs and local purchasing, until such time that the aforementioned health organizations may deem it in the best interest of the community for us not to.

No need to panic folks … wash your hands, put your community first and consider those who are most
susceptible to infection in your actions. Responsible personal behavior is our best defense. Stay
positive and be well!

Todd, Nina, Mary and the Diner Crew


Season Ending Party at the TapShack!

The TapShack will be open one day only this coming weekend, Sunday October 13th, from 12 noon until 5pm. It will be a special day to celebrate a fun and adventurous first season at the Chicken Shack and Tin Tap House! Thanks to all the fine folks that have traveled to share awesome Earth Rider Beer and authentic Jamaican fare with us on the banks of the East Folk of the White River here in Delta!!

The festivities for Sunday will include: Guest Tap Tending appearance by the folks at Earth Rider Brewery (come meet the people behind the beer), A great selection of Earth Rider Brews on tap, Authentic Jamaican jerk chicken and pork plates available, Special guest Andy Noyes with Scott McCafferty on bass and Stevie on percussion to provide the melodic island vibe we all crave!!

While the weather is looking a bit too chill for that day, bundle up and help us send the season out on a high note with great beer, jerk food delights and music to soothe your inner island, and a bunch of fun loving folks at the TapShack. All are welcome!! RESPECT!

Waitlist policy at the end of the day

Because we can have a long wait list as we approach closing, we felt it important to explain our policy. We will project how long the wait list will go in terms of seating time, and cut off the waitlist at a point where we will be seating people beyond 2 PM, or closing time. Please be aware of this as it means we may be cutting off the list as early as 45 minutes before our listed closing time. Thank you again for traveling to our little Diner in the woods!

Hours set for Summer at Tin Tap House and Chicken Shack

It’s been a fun and fast first three weeks at the Tin Tap House in Chicken Shack. Thanks for the wonderful support! Based on our experience to date we have set hours for the remainder of the summer at this venue.

Tin Tap House: Friday 2-7p and Saturday/Sunday 11-7p.

Jerk Chicken will be available starting @ 2pm each day.

We will not be open September 13-15 due to prior catering commitments.


Seasonal Employment Contracts Now Available at the Delta Diner

Check out our Seasonal Employment Contracts for the Summer! We are currently offering 12 and 20 week Seasonal Contracts beginning in June. We have 6 different contracts available ranging in value from $3,600 to $12,000 based on total contract compensation. We provide a set work schedule which is defined in advance for the duration of the contract to allow you to balance life and work. All positions will make $15/hr based on our wage/bonus structure. Please contact Mary Martinsen at with any questions or fill out our application online at